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Symbiosis 94 – Emanuele de Raymondi

Emanuele de Raymondi is an Italian avant-garde composer and sound artist. For this exclusive mix on Symbiosis he tells us that, “Selecting tracks for a mixtape is a bit like picking a few drops of water from the ocean.” Let yourself drift away on sounds from artists including Stephan Mathieu, Murcof, Christopher Willits, Robert Henke, Oren Ambarchi and Ekkehard Ehlers.

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Youngsta – Going in deep

Youngsta, aka Dan Lockhart , is on his way to Australia for the first time in June. It has been a long time coming for the legendary Dubstep DJ and producer to finally get to our shores.

Lockhart is one of the most talented and unique DJs in the Dubstep scene. His technical skills are some of the best in the world and his sound is fiercely underground; a mix of deep, tech laden tunes. He reps it every Monday night on London’s Rinse FM via his show Minimal Mondays with MC Toast, who is joining him on this tour.

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Symbiosis 69 - Stephen Vitiello

Symbiosis 69 – Stephen Vitiello

US sound artist Stephen Vitiello is our guest for Symbiosis 69 with a mix of field recordings by friends and colleagues. Come and listen to this sublime collection of locations and sounds.

Symbiosis Episode 50 - Spherix

Symbiosis Episode 50 – Spherix

Download the mp3. Spherix, the musical alter ego of Josh Lamaro, is in the mix for Episode 50. Lamaro is a true originator and someone who’s sound has evolved wonderfully in recent times. I feel like he is on the cusp of big things and it is a true pleasure to bring you this interview [...]

Symbiosis Episode 46 - Tetsuro Yasunaga

Symbiosis Episode 47 – Tetsuro Yasunaga – Meditation Breakdown

Download the mp3. Japanese artist Tetsuro Yasunaga is a curator, organiser and sound artist. He is a member of the groups Minamo, HELLL, and VOIMA and a major part of the Japanese sound art community. I asked him to put together a mix following the release of Minamo’s latest album on 12k, Durée. Meditation Breakdown [...]

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