Symbiosis Episode 50 – Spherix

Symbiosis Episode 50 - Spherix


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Spherix, the musical alter ego of Josh Lamaro, is in the mix for Episode 50. Lamaro is a true originator and someone who’s sound has evolved wonderfully in recent times. I feel like he is on the cusp of big things and it is a true pleasure to bring you this interview and his exclusive mix for Symbiosis.

Lamaro has built up a worldwide following with releases on labels such as Immerse (in collaboration with Hotflush Recordings artist Sigha), Sub Continental Dub, Tube 10, and Bare Dubs.

His label, Lowercase (a collaboration with Kwality) was founded with a simple objective:

To support and release world class, original work that continues to explore the possibilities of electronic music.

Inspired by Dubstep and techno, lowercase is committed to seeing just how blurred both genres can become in the hands of open minded producers.

Enjoy the mix and read the interview to get more of an insight into this fascinating producer.



How did you get into making music?

I started learning the piano when i was in early high school, and was learning from a great teacher by the name of Joe Douglas in Bendigo, who blew my mind. He was able to write out notations of tunes I’d take in on cd whilst listening to it, and then i’d learn the stuff i was into at the time.

Joe’s studio was where I went to learn piano and I was always eying off the control room full of gadgets, which we ended up using more of rather than the grand piano! After this i played in a sort of prog metal band, which became a little bit electronic influenced, and after that ended I kept doing my own ideas at home in the bedroom!

You have had releases on some great labels. Have you felt things evolve over the last few years?

Things have definitely come a long way since my first release. I feel the Immerse release really showcased what I was about the whole way as a producer. It really solidified my sound within the various overlapping scenes, and to me highlighted exactly where I wanted to be.

What’s the story with .Lotus?

.Lotus was myself, Signal (who has an album coming on Lowercase) and Aquatek. It was a project we had going on focusing on smooth techy drum and bass. We made one tune of interest called Messagebank, which I thought was great, but didnt seem to get much attention elsewhere :D It’s on Camino Blue now i think…

How did the collaboration with Sigha come about? Any plans for more collabs in the future?

I hit Sigha up on Dubstepforum or Myspace or something after Scuba showed me some of his things over AIM. It was really fitting with the sorts of things i was dabbling with at the time so we decided to finish off a few of each others tunes that were sitting incomplete. We did about 5 in total – Seperation was the one that got the attention from Immerse.

I’d like to do more with James – it’s just hard with him being between London and Berlin to find the time. You’ve really got to be on the same wavelength at the same time and I think we hit it at just the right time. Hopefully you’ll see more – he has had the parts of an old thing of mine for a while but i haven’t heard the results yet :)

You spent a bit of time working on your new live show didn’t you. What was the reason for that?

I basically got sick of DJing – there was something inane about spending half the time you are on stage listening to a track in headphones. Live is more interactive.

I saw it for the first time when you played with Appleblim and was really impressed. What has the reaction been like?

That has actually the only time I’ve played live! I was supposed to support Redshape but the gig was cancelled. The reaction to the Appleblim show was great, particulary from him (Appleblim) and yourself!

Let’s talk about Lowercase Sound. Why did you set up the label? Is there a ‘defining philosophy’?

The only defining philosophy is to produce physical music in all ways possible. We are trying to to be limited to vinyl, as everyone knows the story on sales there, but to reward people who choose our music with other types of things, such as t shirts, lowercase engraved usb sticks with digital releases in them, cds, limited art prints etc

We are just trying to release music we think deserves it, for people who will appreciate it.

The main reason we set this label up was because we (myself and Kwality) were sick of sending all our music to everyone else and just waiting for responses. it seems a mugs game to try and win vinyl spots on other labels, but a cop out to release merely on digital. We are trying to find the middle ground for physical music.

Symbiosis Episode 50 – Spherix – Tracklist

Spherix is watching you

sigha – construct (dub)
ben klock – subzero (sandwell district edit) (ostgut)
geiom – reminiscin (shackleton remix) (berkane sol)
kalon – man is the superior animal (function edit) (sandwell district)
tkr – the devil inside me (dub)
fever ray – seven (marcel dettmann voice in my head remix) (rabid)
pinch – 136 trek (punch drunk)
scuba – from within (marcel dettmann remix) (hotflush)
n/a – variance (ch-signal edit) (sandwell district)
milton bradley – last flight to cologne (do not resist the beat)
october – control room interior (caravan)
headhunter – birks range (tempa)
beat pharmacy feat space ape – strangers (headhunter remix) (deep space media)
spherix – in the dark (lowercase dub)
sigha – untitled (dub)
spherix – hepatus (lowercase dub)


Download the mp3.

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