Symbiosis Episode 57 – Charly Madea – No Echo!

Gettin into some bumping deep house, techno and latin vibes this week on Symbiosis with Charley Madea’s ‘No Echo!’ mix.

Originating from the South of France Charly Madea (MAYANS Records) moved to London when only 19 to pursue a passion for music production & djing.

During his time in London Charly has played at various clubs – from Fabric to Pacha. In 2005 he won a DJ competition for residency at Stomp, promoted by Trevor Rockcliffe & Carl Cox at the infamous Turnmills.

His Djing over the past year has taken him from Germany to France, and from Mexico to the USA, playing out a style of House & Techno developed from a variety of influences, from upbeat South American music to unsettling atmospheric soundscapes.

Enjoy this week’s Symbiosis mix and interview.



Symbiosis Episode 57 - Charly Madea - No Echo!


Download the mp3.

We first met through Soundcloud. Online tools and networking are incredibly important nowadays. Just the fact that I’m in Australia and you’re in London – two opposite sides of the world – attested to that fact! So, tell us what is happening in London right now?

Well Simon, I am very glad we met through Internet and wanted to say thanks you for the Dj slot on your radio Symbiosis.

London it is a very great city for music as Berlin. I call it Ibiza with out the beach. You can found great party’s at anytime of the week and any hours.

The music scene it is like a bit everywhere in the world I guess, we jump from the hard techno to the minimal tech house.

Which I am happy about. It is very nice to see the dance floor enjoying the new genre.

Your bio says that you started djing after a family trip to the south of France. Tell us about what you remember of your feelings when you djed for the first time. Was there a moment when you realised that music production and djing was something you wanted to pursue?

I have mix for the first time at the age of 8. It was something magical especially at that age in front of couples of hundred’s peoples.

I had an amazing time and lots of adrenaline. And fall in love with that passion of Djing.

I have moved to London of the age of 19 to fallow my dreams and make a career of music.

I have been Djing for the last 15 years and producing for the last 7.
We are opening our record label MAYANS witch is my own personal touch of sounds between Minimal, Techno and Bumping Deep House with a Latin groove.

We are gonna sign Andomat 3000, Mark Broom and Mathias Kaden for the 3 main artists.

Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your sound?

I have many influences for my sounds, as I love South American music such as salsa, Peruvian bands and Mariachi’s. It gives me a lots of sentiments and passion to listen to they sounds, melodys groove and lyrics.

I would say for electronic music Mathias Kaden, for his very power full rythms and grooves, Andomant 3000 for his hardness for bass line and Ricardo Villalobos for his weird and trippy glitch atmospheric sounds he makes.

For the Latin part my 2 favorite producers are Wayna-Picchu and Oscar de Leon

What sort of tools are you using to create with?

Logic 9 – Live 8 – Reaktor – many many Vst plugins…

Are you playing any residencies in London right now?

My main recidency are Fabric, Pacha, and NG1 Nottingham. I Also play in many various clubs all over the world.

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