Symbiosis 73 – Sutekh

Hey folks,

Sutekh returns to Symbiosis after his piano mix for Symbiosis on Overlap.

It is a true pleasure to host a mix by Seth and we took the opportunity to finally chat via Skype – you can check out the interview below.

I hope you enjoy the mix :)



Symbiosis 73 - Sutekh


Download the mp3.

Following last year’s solo piano mix for Symbiosis, I knew I had to eventually come back with a proper club mix (note: your definition of proper may vary).

So here it is, a set that would get me up off my nerdy ass and onto the dancefloor at a rave. I used mostly current stuff (for me, that means released within the last year), but also worked in a few classics.

Stylistically, I tried to make some connections between the deeper, spacier sides of both minimal techno and dubstep. And I couldn’t help letting it dissolve into chaos and obscurity at the end, including a little bit of piano and a lot of silence by David Tudor (who later left his virtuosic piano skills to work almost exclusively with electronics).

Seth: That was basically my approach with this dj mix, though i wanted it to be coherent to a degree (not as wildly eclectic as other mixes i’ve done)

Simon Hampson: Sure..

Seth: lately, the most exciting developments revolve around various ‘bass’ musics, but even within that, it’s hard for me to find tracks that really grab me

Simon Hampson: You have to be even more of a selector now than ever! But you’re right.. that’s where the experimentation and excitement is

Simon Hampson: So tell us about where you’re at right now.. ‘On Bach’ came out this year and it was your first release for a little while right?

Seth: not exactly – the press seems to pump up the fact that it is my first album in eight years, but that disregards a slew of eps, remixes, collaborations (pigeon funk album with kit clayton), 4LP remix set on Leaf, etc.

Seth: but as far as where i’m at…

Simon Hampson: by little while I meant 2 yrs :)

Simon Hampson: edm moves fast dude haha

Seth: whew! i can’t keep up :)

Simon Hampson: Me neither!

Seth: but i can tell already that the next sutekh album will be in some ways the opposite of ‘on bach’ – totally focused and narrow

Seth: with the theme of mind control

Seth: i’m working on audiovisual elements as well. i want it to be very physically demanding, but immersive – more about body and senses than intellect this time

Seth: though both are always involved to a degree…

Simon Hampson: So will it be an interactive online work with audio downloads?

Seth: probably just a normal music release, but the live performance will involve video

Simon Hampson: Nice

Seth: i’m working on various other projects, including installations, but under my regular old name ‘seth horvitz’

Simon Hampson: That’s the long bearded piano guy right? ;)

Seth: white wigged…

Simon Hampson: Ah yes.. haha

Simon Hampson: Funny story time

Simon Hampson: You came to Melbourne once right?

Seth: back in the 20th century…?

Seth: or was it slightly after?

Seth: yes, i think i did

Seth: am i supposed to tell a funny story now?

Simon Hampson: Yes think it was slightly after

Seth: :)

Simon Hampson: You can.. but my funny story is that I gave you a lift from the venue you played at

Simon Hampson: to triple r radio

Simon Hampson: just realised the other day

Seth: wow, that’s cool. my memories are so fried!

Simon Hampson: Ok.. so since we’re thinking back and this is the first chat we have had in ‘real time’ – take us back to those days.. you had releases on some amazing labels like Force Inc, collaborations with artists like Kit Clayton and Twerk. When did you start producing?

Seth: My first record came out in ’96 I believe. Using a Mac Centris 650, an EMU sampler, 909, and some fx pedals

Simon Hampson: Wow. Discogs only goes back to 1998 and the Influenza EP under your Sutekh name

Seth: There was a compilation EP before that called “swivel” – it wasn’t a solo record

Seth: But Influenza was technically released in ’97

Simon Hampson: And what would you say your approach was in those days? Did you ever consider yourself to be making techno?

Simon Hampson: (or intend to)

Seth: Sure, at that point I was totally immersed in techno culture, but I always tried to take an experimental approach

Seth: And my idea of techno is pretty broad

Simon Hampson: And when did you start to develop an interest in piano?

Seth: I didn’t get into the piano until about 2002 or so. I was almost thirty years old and I had never learned to play any instruments growing up.

Simon Hampson: Wow

Seth: It was an amazing new universe for me to explore

Simon Hampson: I started violin at 3 1/2 yrs old (suzuki method)

Simon Hampson: and then piano at 4

Seth: Most people learned to play something… not me

Seth: The first thing I tried to play was a tape recorder

Simon Hampson: So fascinating.. you have come to it in a way that I would love to.. experimentation and free thinking.. then structured practise

Seth: It’s definitely a weird place to be!

Seth: but I like it

Simon Hampson: On a last note – what is coming up for you?

Seth: Coming up for me: currently writing my masters thesis, then on to new music.

Seth: next immediate project will be a remix for a japanese artist named coppé

Seth: then i’ll start work on a new sutekh release

Seth: mind control!

Simon Hampson: looking forward to it :)

Seth: cool, thanks for the chat

Interview post script from Seth:

“just went back over my gig list and realized that i played twice in melbourne – 2001 and 2003. must have been the second time that we met, right? the first time, i came with safety scissors – we stayed with voiteck in melbourne and dave miller in perth (i think he was around 20 yrs old at the time, now he’s in the warp-signed band pvt!).”

Symbiosis 73 – Sutekh - Tracklisting

Madlib “Afritonic Pt.1″ Medicine Show #3: Beat Konducta in Africa (Madlib Invazion/Stones Throw) 2010
Matthew Herbert “Alex Duwe” One Club (Accidental) 2010
Atom(‚Ñ¢) “Im Rausch Der Gegenwart I” Liedgut (Raster-Noton) 2009
Feadz “Liisborg Error” People Numbers Money Business (Ed Banger) 2009
Fluorescent Grey “Tubal Cain” Katabatik Kollektion Fall 2010 (Katabatik – compilation) 2010 (full compilation downloadable for free)
Plastikman “Hypokondriak” Artifakts BC (M_nus) 1998
Utu “Synchronia” N428 (Plus8) 1993
Xhin “Blade Moth (tool)” Plexis/Blade Moth (Meerestief) 2010
The Bug “Skeng (Autechre Remix)” Ninja Tune XX: Volume 2 (Ninja Tune – compilation) 2010
LV & Untold “Beacon” (Hemlock) 2010
Ramadanman “Bass Drums” Future Bass (Soul Jazz Records – compilation) 2010
James Blake “Sparing the Horse” (Hemlock) 2010
2562 “Who Are You Fooling?” Unbalance (Tectonic) 2009
Mark Fell “Ideation (6)” Ten Types of Elsewhere (LINE) 2004
Bruce Haack “Noon Day Sun” Farad: The Electric Voice (Stones Throw) 1979/2010
IBM 7090 Computer “The Second Law (Max Mathews)” Music from Mathematics (Decca) 1962
David Tudor performs “Proiezioni Sonore (1955-56) by Franco Evangelisti” Piano Avant-Garde Recordings 1956-60 (Hat Hut)

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