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From minimalism to melody and back again, Isan have been navigating the aural Autobahn since a chance meeting brought together Robin Saville and Antony Ryan in 1996. With Robin based in Southend on Sea, England and Antony residing in Denmark, they creatively communicate via email, telephone and postcard. Notes are compared and directions assimilated or abandoned, they prefer to allow their sound to develop on its own.

Having recorded for a variety of micro-indies such as Bad Jazz, Static Caravan and Wurlitzer Jukebox, Saville and Ryan now consider Morr Music their spiritual home.

Continually progressing their passion for sound, Isan are not afraid of giving their analogue tone poems space to breathe, placing as much importance on void and silence as on sounds ñ sometimes vibrant and scratchy, sometimes hymnal and opulent. Their sonic design sits somewhere between the D¸sseldorf sounds of Kraftwerk and neu!, the invention of a young Eno and the smart-pop expertise of the Cocteau Twins.

Theyíve remixed and been remixed by the likes of Depeche Mode, The Notwist, Seefeel and Piano Magic amongst others. Isan have also brought their Kosmische confection to the stage, gracing respected festivals such as Sonar and the Big Chill and playing as far afield as China, Japan, Iceland, Russia and Hull*.

*performing to 6 people (including the booker) at the legendary Adelphi.


Most Recent Release: Eastside Remix EP on Simon Scott’s label “Kesh”

Forthcoming Releases: A limited edition vinyl surprise on an Italian label we can’t announce yet, plus working on an album follow-up to “Glow in the Dark Safari Set” on Morr Music

Tracklist & Artist Statement

“A little bit about the mix – we recommend headphone listening! The mix is a blend of tracks by several artists and field recordings made by us both separately and also together while were working in Brazil. The field recordings are all treated in some way – so it’s a bit in the “Isan spirit” of working separately and together, creating new things over time and distance.”

00.00 Ringed plovers at Hale Estuary, Cornwall, UK – 20th September 2009
02.41 Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes
07.28 Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall, UK – 25th September 2009
09.26 Dollboy & Sone Institute – Hotel Oriental
11.15 Serafina Steer – Half Robot
12.17 Distant thunderstorm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – April 2011
14.26 Tape Beatles – O for Frog
15.37 Testing the Dripsophone, Westcliff on Sea, UK – 27th January 2010
16.26 Lucky Dragons – Travelling Song
19.47 The Liberty Morris, Leigh Folk Festival, Essex, UK – 19th June 2011
21.33 Private Conversation, Westcliff on Sea, UK – 9th August 2011
23.12 William Basinski – Melancholia (7)
25.10 Electric Fence – Kattekilde, Denmark – June 2011
26.23 Geotic – Clear Light (The One AM Radio Remix)
29.05 Nighttime in Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – April 2011
32.06 Isan – Eastside (Simon Scott Flame Attire Mix)
37.50 Fredericia City Walls – Fredericia, Denmark – July 2011
41.20 Mimi Majick – Mimi’s Utilities 04
46.20 Early Morning on Oulton Broad, Norfolk, UK – June 2011
49.50 Isan – Lop Helston Conceit

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