Symbiosis 69 – Stephen Vitiello

Symbiosis 69 - Stephen Vitiello

US sound artist Stephen Vitiello is our guest for Symbiosis 69 with a mix of field recordings by friends and colleagues. Come and listen to this sublime collection of locations and sounds.

Symbiosis 68 – Seaworthy + Matt Rösner

Symbiosis 68 - Seaworthy + Matt Rösner

Seaworthy + Matt Rösner celebrate their first collaborative release on 12k, Two Lakes, with a very special live recording for Symbiosis Sunday Chill Sessions. Sit back and let the sounds transport you to Lakes Termeil and Meroo, NSW, Australia.

Symbiosis 67 – Westernsynthetics

Symbiosis 67 Westernsynthetics

Symbiosis 67 features the work of Westernsynthetics in the mix and down for a chat. Check out his debut album, May Day Radio, on Sub Continental Dub – out now!

Symbiosis 66 – Selande

Symbiosis 66 - Selande

Symbiosis 66 features an exclusive mix and chat with Selande, aka Cullen Miller. Miller is based in San Francisco and plays his dubbier, more techy productions under the Selande name. Miller started his journey in music composition by learning double bass and then he studied contemporary classical and jazz theory.

Symbiosis 65 – A Taut Line

Symbiosis 65 - A Taut Line

A Taut Line is the artist moniker for Tokyo based Matt Lyne. With his impressive musical history his exclusive Symbiosis mix has something for everyone. Check out the mix and interview here.

Symbiosis 64 – V4w.enko

Symbiosis 64 - V4w.enko

Ukrainian artist, V4w.enko, in the mix and interviewed exclusively for Symbiosis 64. Time to chill.

Symbiosis 63 – Sines (Texas, Formant Recordings)

Symbiosis 63 - Sines

Hey folks, The Texas duo Sines (Leroy Bella & Joseph Isla) hit us with a massive mix this week. Full of Juke, Garage, Dubstep and all the associated bass weight. Don’t sleep on this! It’s great to have the guys back in the mix for Symbiosis. The Sines sound has come so far since we [...]

Symbiosis 62 – I’ve Lost

Symbiosis - Episode 62 - I've Lost

Bobby Jones hails from Portland, USA and creates ambient guitar pieces under the name I’ve Lost. The Feedbackloop label recently released his piece ‘Dissociative Fugue and after hearing it I asked him to create a mix for the Symbiosis chill out sessions. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Simon Download the mp3. “I created [...]

Symbiosis 60 – @c

Symbiosis Episode 60 - @c (Cronica)

Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais have been collaborating as the @c project since 2000, having performed extensively (very often as a trio, with the Austrian artist Lia performing Live visuals) and released their work in several labels, including Crónica (the label that they created in 2003). Over the 10+ years of the project @c have [...]

Symbiosis 59 – Forensics

Symbiosis Episode 59 feat Forensics

Symbiosis 59 features Forensics, aka Krystian Taylor, in the mix. Forensics is Taylor’s dubstep production name and he has had releases on Eight:FX, DubKraft, Methodology, Bass Punch, Digital Sin amongst others. It’s a little surprising to me that we haven’t hooked this one up earlier – with a steady stream of mixes each and every [...]